What our clients have to say...

"Nan is amazing and in my opinion one of the best out there. I have been working with her for over 5 years off and on. My therapy sessions with her have been one of the best things I have done for myself. We have worked on my marriage, a faith crisis, boundaries, raising teenagers, health issues, family issues, boundaries, even goal setting and so much more.She has listened without judgment and given me tools and questions to gently push me to be better and improve my mindset, self compassion and overall my life.I have always felt safe and never judged even in sharing some of my most awful thoughts or doings.I personally think everyone should go through at least a few sessions of therapy just to better understand themselves. I highly recommend Nan, she is one of a kind."

Sheena O.

"My insurance changed and I lost access to the counselor who helped me after medical/pharmaceutical trauma in 2020. I was devastated to start over. I was referred to Nan by another patient after feeling unsupported by 4 or 5 other counselors. Nan "gets me" and I feel so incredibly comfortable seeking her support. She has wonderful career and life experience and fantastic resources that have provided incredible value in supporting my progress and growth. She has been a trusted partner in my journey and I am so incredibly grateful to have her in my corner."


"Our family has been going to see Brandy for about 8 months.  This is the first counselor I've been to and was nervous about "connecting" with someone I've never met.  I believe we hit the jackpot with Brandy.  She is the most warm and sincere person.  She relates to our kids who have seen her individually (they love her) and to our family as we've met together.  She gives practical advice and really seems to care about us as people and what is happening in our lives. I would recommend anyone to go see her."

Teresa M.