Marriage/Couples Counseling

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Reconnecting with Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be challenging. Is your marriage unhappy? Feeling disconnected from your partner is painful. You used to feel passionate love for your partner…and now you just feel like roommates. If your relationship has experienced a betrayal, it can be hard to know how to move forward. No one plans for their relationship to fall into disrepair – but there’s hope. Change can happen. Relationships can be healed.

Couples/relationship therapy is designed to help you and your partner improve your relationship. If you are having relationship difficulties, you can seek couples therapy to help rebuild your relationship and improve communication.

Couples therapy can address a wide array of issues including:  infidelity, issues related to sex, recurring conflicts, communication challenges, external stressors, boundary issues, and rebuilding trust.

We help couples ready for growth and change to reconnect in their relationships. We can work together to mend the hurt. We will help you develop mutual trust and respect, and we will teach you how to maintain open communication. Let’s create the relationship you knew was possible when you met.

You are just once connection away…